Thundu: A Delightful Comedy Infused with Drama Graces the Big Screen

Thundu Malayalam Movie

On February 16th, 2024, the Malayalam film “Thundu” (“The Beat”) made its cinematic debut across India, delivering a captivating mix of humor, drama, and social insight. Under the direction of Riyas Shereef and featuring the talented duo Biju Menon and Shine Tom Chacko, the movie unfolds the story of Sivan (Menon), a constable aspiring for a promotion. Unexpected hurdles along his journey compel Sivan to navigate them with a blend of wit and compassion.

Plot and Genre:

Thundu falls into the drama-comedy category, presenting a heartwarming exploration of human relationships and aspirations within a societal framework. While the central plot follows Sivan’s pursuit of promotion, the film intricately weaves in themes of family, community, and the everyday challenges faced by ordinary individuals.


Biju Menon, celebrated for his versatile acting, infuses charm and impeccable comedic timing into the character of Sivan. Alongside him, Shine Tom Chacko, another well-regarded figure in Malayalam cinema, plays a crucial role. The supporting cast, including Unnimaya Prasad, Gokulan, Johny Antony, and Althaf Salim, contribute their unique talents to enrich the narrative.

Critical Acclaim:

Initial reviews for Thundu have been favorable, commending its heartwarming narrative, humor, and standout performances. Biju Menon’s portrayal of Sivan has garnered particular praise for its ability to evoke both empathy and laughter simultaneously. The film’s subtle yet impactful exploration of real-life issues has also received positive recognition from critics.

Box Office Prospects:

While it is premature to predict the film’s commercial success, early audience responses indicate promising prospects. The positive reviews, coupled with the presence of acclaimed actors like Menon and Chacko, suggest Thundu has the potential to resonate with viewers and make a mark at the box office.

Additional Highlights:

  • “Thundu” marks Riyas Shereef’s directorial debut, transitioning from his previous role as an assistant director in the Malayalam film industry.
  • The musical score for Thundu is crafted by the renowned Gopi Sundar, known for his melodious and soulful compositions.
  • The film has generated substantial buzz with its official trailer, amassing over 1.4 million views on YouTube.

In summary, Thundu presents itself as a promising cinematic endeavor, offering a harmonious blend of entertainment and social reflection. For those seeking a heartwarming tale featuring humor and relatable characters, Thundu is undoubtedly a film worth considering for your watchlist.

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