Thevally Palace

Thevally Palace, also known as Thevally Kottaram, is a historical palace located in Kollam (Quilon), a city in the state of Kerala, India. The palace is situated near the Ashtamudi Lake and holds significant historical and architectural value.

The palace was constructed during the reign of the Travancore kings, and it reflects a mix of traditional Kerala architecture with colonial influences. Thevally Palace served as the residence of the British Resident when Quilon was an important trading post for the British East India Company.

The palace and its surroundings offer a glimpse into the colonial past of the region and provide visitors with insights into the architectural styles of that era. While the palace itself might not be open to the public at all times, the exterior and the surrounding area are often visited by tourists interested in historical sites and architecture.

Please note that information can change over time, so I recommend checking with local tourist authorities or official sources for the most up-to-date details regarding visiting Thevally Palace in Kollam.

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