Sree Seetha Devi Temple

The Seetha Devi Temple is a renowned Hindu temple located in the Wayanad district of Kerala, India. It holds a special place in Hindu mythology and is associated with the epic Ramayana. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Sita, the consort of Lord Rama. The temple’s name “Seetha Devi” is derived from Sita’s name.

According to the local legend, it is believed that Goddess Sita stayed in this area during her exile after being abducted by the demon king Ravana. The temple is situated in a scenic location amidst lush greenery and offers devotees and visitors a serene and tranquil atmosphere for worship and contemplation.

The temple complex typically includes the main deity shrine of Goddess Sita, along with other deities associated with the Ramayana, such as Lord Rama, Lord Lakshmana, and Lord Hanuman. Devotees come here to seek blessings, offer prayers, and immerse themselves in the spiritual ambiance of the temple.

The Seetha Devi Temple in Wayanad continues to be a significant religious and cultural site in the region. However, we recommend checking with local sources or official websites for the latest information on visiting the temple and any recent developments.

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