RØDE Wireless GO II

RODE has just given content creators something of a spring treat by introducing a new product into its popular Wireless Go system. The new Wireless Go II includes two transmitter units, enabling videographers to record two separate sound sources to one camera. The value-for-money system costs less than £300 but provides users with broadcast-quality audio in a highlyportable package, and there’s even more to this system than meets the eye.

The transmitter units can be clipped on to a subject and then paired in a matter of seconds, making them the perfect choice for run ’n’ gun-style filmmakers in a hurry, although it’s worth noting that the units can also be connected up to a lav mic.

With the TX units weighing just 30g each and the RX tipping the scales at only 32g, the whole system can genuinely fit in a pocket and will be of particular interest to content creators who are traveling and for whom space is at a premium. The units also include an on-board recording feature that enables videographers to capture over 40 hours of compressed audio and seven hours of uncompressed audio. When the feature is active, recording begins as soon as the transmitters are connected to the receiver, providing a back-up recording and a potentially invaluable safety-net.

Audio levels can be adjusted in three stages at the touch of the button – or more if you enable this feature in the firmware – and, despite the tiny size of the RØDE Wireless GO II units, the in-built battery can potentially last up to seven hours. If power does start to run low, however, then you can charge the units while they’re in use, via the provided USB-C connection.

Along with the RX and TX units, you’ll also find a TRS cable, along with twistand- lock furry windshields, which allow videographers to capture broadcast quality sound out in the open without needing to worry about wind noise.

RØDE has backed up the Wireless GO II system with accessories such as a news reporter-style adapter that turns one of the Wireless GO II transmitters into a wireless handheld mic and the free RØDE Central companion app for Mac and Windows, which enables you to set up your device preferences and export recordings.

Lastly, a recent firmware upgrade has added a new feature that turns the TX unit clipped onto your subject into a tiny field recorder with the ability to record sound without needing to be linked to the RX unit. This will be hugely useful when filming long scenes where your subject could be a vast distance from the camera.

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