Nothing Phone (2a) Original Charger 45W

The Nothing company offers a specialized 45W charger tailored for use with the Nothing Phone (1) and (2a), aptly named the Nothing Power (45W).

Here’s an overview of the key features of the Nothing Power (45W) charger:

  • 45W super-fast charging with PD3.0
  • USB-C compatibility
  • Fast charging support for Nothing phones and other compatible devices

As per the Nothing website, the Nothing Power (45W) charger can deliver 65% power to a Nothing phone within just 30 minutes.

The price of the Nothing Power (45W) charger may vary depending on the retailer, typically priced around ₹2,499 (subject to change). It’s available for purchase on the Nothing website and other retail outlets, both online and offline.

Here are some additional considerations to keep in mind when evaluating the Nothing Power (45W) charger:

  • Compatibility: While primarily designed for Nothing phones, it works with other devices supporting USB-C Power Delivery (PD), though charging speeds may vary.
  • Cable: The Nothing Power (45W) charger doesn’t include a USB-C cable, necessitating a separate purchase of a compatible one if not already owned.
  • Third-party options: There are numerous third-party 45W USB-C chargers available, possibly at a lower price point, but ensure they meet safety standards.

Pros of the Nothing Power (45W) Charger:

  • Fast charging: Offers 45W fast charging with PD3.0, notably reducing charging times, claiming 65% in 30 minutes for Nothing phones.
  • Universal compatibility: Utilizing USB-C PD, it’s compatible with a wide array of devices beyond Nothing phones.
  • Brand reputation: Directly purchasing from the phone manufacturer ensures compatibility and potentially better quality control.

Cons of the Nothing Power (45W) Charger:

  • Price: Priced at ₹2,499, it might be costlier compared to some third-party alternatives with similar capabilities.
  • No cable included: Lack of a USB-C cable adds extra cost if not already owned.
  • Limited information: Limited independent reviews available, necessitating reliance on manufacturer claims regarding charging speed and durability.

Additional factors to consider:

  • Your needs: If prioritizing fast charging for your Nothing phone justifies paying a premium, the Nothing Power (45W) could be ideal.
  • Alternatives: Explore reputable third-party 45W USB-C PD chargers for potential cost savings.
  • Existing cables: If you possess a USB-C PD cable, the additional cost of the Nothing charger might be less significant.

Ultimately, your decision hinges on budget, priorities, and current charging setup.

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