New Education Reforms Aim for Fairer Admissions in Kerala

New Grading System for Extracurricular Achievements in Kerala

The Kerala education department has announced major changes to the way grace marks and bonus points are awarded for SSLC (Class 10) and Higher Secondary (Class 12) exams. Here’s a breakdown of the new system:

Goodbye Bonus Points for Grace Marks:

Previously, students who received grace marks in SSLC exams were awarded bonus points for higher secondary admissions. This practice is discontinued. Grace marks and bonus points for the same extracurricular achievement will no longer be awarded.

Consolidated Grace Marks for Achievements:

The new system introduces a unified grace mark system for winners of international, national, and state-level sports competitions and arts festivals. The number of grace marks awarded will range from 3 to 100 based on the level of achievement (state, national, or international).

School-Level Events:

  • First place or A grade in school arts festival, science festival, and sports fair will receive 20 marks.
  • Second and third positions will receive 17 and 14 marks, respectively.
  • B and C grades will be awarded 15 and 10 marks each.

Considering Achievements from Earlier Grades:

For students applying based on achievements in Class 8, they must possess a certificate of competing at the district level in Class 9 or 10. Similarly, those applying based on Class 9 merit require a certificate of participation in a Class 10 competition at the district level or above.

Only Highest Marks Count:

Students who participate in multiple events will only receive grace marks for their highest achievement.

Revised Grace Mark Structure:

Event1st Place2nd Place3rd PlaceA GradeB GradeC Grade
School Events (Arts/Science/Sports)201714201510
International Competition1009080
National Competition504030
State Level201714
Participation (International)75
Participation (National)25

This revised system aims to create a more transparent and standardized way of recognizing extracurricular achievements in SSLC and Higher Secondary examinations.

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