Mullaperiyar Dam

The Mullaperiyar Dam is a significant dam located in the Indian state of Kerala, near Thekkady in the Idukki district. It is a masonry gravity dam built on the Periyar River and is an essential structure for water supply and irrigation in the region.

Key facts and features of the Mullaperiyar Dam include:

Purpose: The primary purpose of the Mullaperiyar Dam is water storage and diversion for irrigation and power generation. The dam’s reservoir feeds water to the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu through a canal system.

Controversy: The dam has been a source of controversy and disputes between the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu for several decades. Kerala has expressed concerns about the safety of the dam due to its age and the potential impact of a dam failure on downstream areas. The dispute revolves around issues related to water-sharing, safety, and the overall management of the dam.

Reservoir and Catchment Area: The dam creates a reservoir known as the Mullaperiyar Reservoir. The catchment area of the Periyar River contributes to the water storage in the reservoir.

Tourism: The dam and its surroundings also attract tourists due to their scenic beauty. The reservoir and the dam site offer picturesque views of the surrounding hills and landscapes.

Eco-tourism: The area around the dam, including the Periyar Tiger Reserve and the Western Ghats, is rich in biodiversity. Visitors often explore the natural beauty and engage in eco-tourism activities in the region.

Legal Proceedings: The Mullaperiyar Dam dispute has seen various legal battles and negotiations between Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The issue has reached the Supreme Court of India, which has issued rulings on certain aspects of the dispute.

Given the ongoing nature of the Mullaperiyar Dam dispute and the potential for changes in the situation, I recommend checking with local authorities or reliable sources for the latest information about the dam, its status, and any associated travel advisories if you are planning to visit the area.

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