Move your tabs down the left in new version of Edge

You can now move your browser tabs in Edge from the top to the left-hand side, which Microsoft says makes it easier to find and switch between them.

The feature, called ‘Vertical tabs’, is part of Edge 89, launched on 4 March. To try it, first make sure your browser has been updated to version 89. Click the three horizontal dots top right, followed by ‘Help and feedback’ at the bottom, then click About Microsoft Edge.

The browser will then automatically check for updates. If you’re updated to 89 or higher, you’re ready to use vertical tabs. You’ll see a new icon at the top left of Edge (see screenshot 1).

Click this and the tabs you’ve got open will appear in a vertical menu down the left-hand side (see screenshot 2).

You can click these to switch between them as you would using tabs along the top of your browser.

Edge 89 also contains a new-look History menu. Press Ctrl+H and your history will now appear as a menu on the right, rather than taking up a full page in Settings.

It means you can easily search your history and switch to a previously visited site.

Read Microsoft’s blog for more changes to Edge here.