Laughing Gull Was Spotted At Chithari Beach, Kasaragod In Kerala

The Laughing Gull, a North American bird, was discovered on Chithari Beach Kasaragod in Kerala, marking the first recorded instance of this species being observed in India.

The ‘Laughing Gull’ bird has been spotted for the first time in India, specifically at Chithari beach in Kasaragod district. C. Srikanth, a resident of Perumbavoor Valayanchirangara and a teacher at Kamballur Govt. HSS, captured an image of this migratory bird at the Chithari estuary recently. This Laughing Gull bird has journeyed thousands of kilometers from North America to reach the Kerala coast. Notably, its presence in Asia has been recorded only in countries such as Malaysia and the Philippines.

The e-Bird application, a platform dedicated to gathering scientific information about birds, disseminated details about the recent avian discovery. This development has elevated the total count of bird species identified in India to 1367. J. Praveen, the Chief Editor of the Indian Birds Journal, along with Jinu George, John Garrett, Aidan Keighley, Hans Larsen, and other experts, collectively affirmed the recognition of the ‘Laughing Gull’ bird.

In terms of regional distribution, the state has documented 554 bird species, while Kasaragod district alone has identified 400 bird species.

These seafaring birds, members of the seagull genus, are indigenous to North America and the northern regions of South America. Referred to as ‘Laughing Gulls,’ they earned this name due to their vocalizations resembling human laughter. Notably smaller than typical seagulls, they boast black beaks and legs, with dark wings setting them apart from other seagull species. During winter, these birds embark on extensive migratory journeys, with occasional sightings along the southern coast of Africa. Additionally, a recent avian discovery, the Levant Prapidian, emerged in Thrissur Chavakkad Puttan Kadappuram, India.

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