Lakkidi Viewpoint

Lakkidi Viewpoint is a famous tourist attraction located in the Wayanad district of Kerala, India. It is situated at an elevation within the Western Ghats mountain range and offers stunning panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

Key features of Lakkidi Viewpoint:

Scenic Beauty: Lakkidi Viewpoint is renowned for its breathtaking vistas of lush green hills, valleys, and mist-covered landscapes. The viewpoint provides a mesmerizing setting for visitors to soak in the natural beauty of the region.

Ghat Road: To reach Lakkidi Viewpoint, you have to drive through a winding road known as Thamarassery Churam, which is often referred to as the “Gateway to Wayanad.” The road offers picturesque views as it snakes through the hills, making the journey itself an enjoyable experience.

Tea Gardens: As you approach Lakkidi, you’ll pass through tea plantations that add to the beauty of the journey and provide opportunities for photography.

Climate and Weather: Lakkidi is often referred to as the “Cherrapunji of Kerala” due to its relatively high rainfall. The region is known for its cool and misty climate, creating an enchanting ambiance.

Sunset and Sunrise Views: Lakkidi Viewpoint is a popular spot for witnessing stunning sunrise and sunset views. The changing colors of the sky against the backdrop of the hills create a captivating spectacle.

Souvenir Shops: There are small souvenir shops near the viewpoint where you can purchase local handicrafts, spices, and other memorabilia.

Lakkidi Viewpoint is easily accessible and is a must-visit destination for nature lovers, photographers, and those seeking tranquility amidst scenic landscapes. As with any travel plans, it’s a good idea to check with local sources or travel information centers for the most up-to-date details on visiting Lakkidi Viewpoint.

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