KSRTC Driving Schools: High-Quality Training at Affordable Prices

K.B. Ganesh Kumar

Ganesh Kumar forging new paths; both KSRTC and locals hail the ingenious idea.

The expertise of KSRTC instructors will be harnessed for this endeavor, alongside the establishment of a comprehensive driving test system at training centers.

Under the guidance of Transport Minister KB Ganeshkumar, plans are underway to launch driving schools across the state under KSRTC’s supervision. The Chairman and Managing Director of KSRTC have been tasked with providing a detailed technical report. The primary aim is to offer top-tier driving instruction at an affordable rate, with training centers slated for various regions.

Utilizing the proficiency of KSRTC instructors, these centers aspire to provide motor driving training adhering to national and international standards. Additionally, KSRTC will explore providing supplementary training to drivers through modernized systems in these driving schools.

Swiftly executing Minister KB Ganesh Kumar’s initial proposal, KSRTC has swiftly implemented route rationalization across all units in Kerala. This initiative has yielded significant profits by eliminating 52,456 dead kilometers per day, resulting in a reduction of diesel consumption by 13,101 liters. This translates to a saving of Rs. 12,51,392 in diesel costs, Rs. 2,09,825 in maintenance expenses, and an additional Rs. 4 per km in spare parts costs, culminating in a daily profit of Rs. 14,61,217.

Through this route rationalization strategy in KSRTC’s ordinary services, monthly savings amount to Rs. 4,38,36,500. This approach focuses on optimizing routes serviced by a single bus, while maintaining essential services to hill, tribal, plantation, coastal, and remote areas, thereby eliminating wasteful kilometers in other services.

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