Kitex Spins Big Telangana Plans With the World’s Longest Unit

The Kitex Group, one of the world’s largest kids apparel manufacturers, performed a ground-breaking ceremony for its new factory building in Telangana. The ceremony was attended by the Minister for Municipal Administration and Urban Development; Industries and Commerce and Information Technology, Electronics and Communications of Telangana., K. T. Rama Rao, and other dignitaries.

Kitex’s 1.2-km-long integrated manufacturing facility in Telangana is a world record-breaking facility that will be the longest under a single roof for any product. It is currently under construction in Seetharampur, Rangareddy district, and is expected to be fully operational by 2025.

The facility will produce a wide range of kids’ apparel, from innerwear and outerwear to swimwear and accessories. It will be equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology and machinery and will employ around 36,000 people.

Kitex Group is the world’s second-largest kids apparel manufacturer, and its decision to set up its largest manufacturing facility in Telangana is a testament to the state’s favorable business environment and its strong textile industry. The facility is expected to boost the state’s economy and create jobs for thousands of people.

The facility is also significant because it will be a model for sustainable manufacturing. Kitex Group is committed to environmental protection and social responsibility, and the new facility will be designed and operated with these principles in mind.

The facility is expected to have a major impact on the global kid’s apparel market. Kitex Group is already a major player in the market, and the new facility will give it a significant competitive advantage. The facility is also expected to attract other businesses to Telangana, making the state a major hub for kids’ apparel manufacturing.

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