Kerala Transport Commissioner Gives Nod To Proposal For Remodeling Vehicles

In a major policy initiative that could redefine the possibilities In the tourism sector, the government has re-interpreted the central motor vehicles rules to allow camper vans to be operated In state.

The government’s decision comes in the wake of its Initiative to promote caravan tourism In the state. According to top government sources, motor vehicles department (MVD) offices have been receiving Inquiries for operating camper vans that are common In several western countries, but permissions were denied as the Interpretation of the existing rules proved to be a hindrance.

After the government announced its caravan tourism policy, the tourism director had forwarded a proposal based on submissions from tour operators, seeking permission to operate camper trucks, built with camping facilities on light goods vehicles (LG Vs) chassis with cargo body and having a maximum seating capacity of five persons.

The government set up a technical committee under the motor vehicles department (MVD) to examine the proposal in detail and compare It with the design parameters and the permitted limits in the central motor vehicles rules (CM VR) 1989.

The committee reported that building a closed body or reconstruction of the existing one can be permitted if changes are not made on the basic features of the chassis ftame. Hence, such construction or reconstruction Is admissible subject to the maximum statutory limitation of the rear overhang of such vehicles, which can be up to 60% of the wheelbase, as per the rules.

On the basis of the committee’s report, the transport commissioner cleared the proposal for approval.

Camper trucks are widely operated In several states within the country as well. “The decision can be a major fillip to the tourism sector, which is a major Industry In our state and it cannot remain isolated from the modern trends In the tourism sector. The proposal of the tourism director Is In conformance with the CMVR.” secretary (transport) Biju Prabhakar said.

Because of the prevalence of multiple stringent environmental laws, the lack of accommodation facilities has been holding the tourism sector back In exploring several exotic locations.

“Of course, such laws are mandatory to secure our fragile environment, but a viable solution Is also required for ensuring that the tourism sector also does not suffer. The permission for operating camper trucks Is one such wln-wln solution for such a problem,” principal secretary (tourism) V Venu said.