Kerala Government’s Online Taxi Service ” Kerala Savari ” From Tomorrow ( 16.08.2022 )

The app also has many features including panic button & call center management. Kerala Savari App offers Safe travel with no more disputes.

The Kerala Savari will begin operations with the Kerala Chief Minister Mr. Pinarayi Vijayan flagging off the vehicles of the Kerala Savari in a ceremony to be held at Kanakakkunnu Palace, Thiruvananthapuram. For this, a 24-hour call center system has been set up at the Motor Workers Welfare Board Thiruvananthapuram district office. Complaints can be reported by calling the call center number 9072272208.

A three-tier system has been set up to resolve the complaints received at the call center.Complaints received at the first level will be investigated and resolved within 24 hours.Complaints where this is not possible shall be forwarded to the second level officer within this time limit and he shall be redressed within 12 hours.Even there the unresolved complaints will be forwarded to the third level officer. His time allowance is also 12 hours. In this way, all complaints will be resolved within 48 hours. In any case, complaints that cannot be resolved at this level will be thoroughly investigated at the CEO level and resolved.

The app has many features, including a panic button that can be used in emergencies. The Kerala Savari app can be downloaded from the Play Store after the official inagurstion by Kerala CHeif Minister.

The first phase of the Kerala Savari project implemented by the government by connecting the auto-taxi networks in the state will be implemented in the Thiruvananthapuram municipality. Then, if necessary, necessary changes will be made and the scheme will be extended to the major cities of the state. The Kerala Sawari scheme is designed and implemented with the aim of providing a helping hand to the taxi auto workers who are facing many difficulties and also to provide a safe and hassle-free ride to the general public at government approved rates. In Kerala Savari, only 8% service charge will be charged along with the autotaxi fare set by the government. In other online taxi services it is above 25 percent.

It has been decided to use the eight percent amount collected as service charge for the implementation of the project and for providing promotional incentives to passengers and drivers. In all the current online taxi systems, there is a 20 to 30 percent difference between the fares received by motorists and the fares charged to passengers. There is also a situation where companies increase the charge for services up to one and a half times during peak hours. Labor Department Minister V. Shivankutty had earlier stated that there will be no such fare hike in Kerala Savari and fair wages will be ensured to the workers.

Palakkad Indian Telephone Industries is providing technical assistance to the project which is being implemented under the supervision of Motor Workers Welfare Fund Board of Labor Department with the cooperation of Planning Board, Legal Metrology, Transport, IT and Police Departments.