Kerala Government Takes Legal Action Against President and Governor Over Unresolved Bills, Appeals to Supreme Court

Kerala clashes with President & Governor in Supreme Court! The state accuses them of unfairly delaying or blocking bills. They argue the President withheld assent on 4 bills without reason and the Governor sat on 7 bills for up to 2 years before sending them on, violating the Constitution.

The Kerala government has taken its grievances to the Supreme Court, accusing both the President and the state governor of unjust actions. They’ve challenged the President’s refusal to assent to four bills passed by the state legislature without providing any explanation, as well as the governor’s delay in addressing seven bills for up to two years before referring them to the President, which they deem “manifestly arbitrary”.

The Left Democratic Front (LDF) government of Kerala has petitioned the Supreme Court to rule the referral of these bills to the President as unconstitutional and lacking good faith. In their writ petition under Article 32 of the Constitution, the state government argued that the lack of reasons given by the President for withholding assent to four bills, out of the seven reserved by the Governor, violates Article 14 of the Constitution, alongside Article 200 and 201.

Moreover, they criticized the Governor’s inaction on these bills, stating it has crippled the state legislature’s functioning and rendered its existence ineffective. The government emphasized that some of these bills serve public interest, yet they’ve been left inactive, breaching the proviso to Article 200, which requires prompt action.

The plea also highlighted the Governor’s public criticisms of the state government and the Chief Minister, questioning whether this influenced the referral of bills pending for up to two years to the President. They argued that this action undermines the Governor’s constitutional duties and the functioning of the state’s legislative processes.

The government revealed that after the Supreme Court intervened, the governor finally granted assent to one bill but referred seven others to the President, leading to the withholding of assent for four of them. They criticized the lack of mention by the Governor regarding the significant delays in handling these bills, which could have prompted inquiries from the President.

The plea contended that the Governor’s actions amounted to a deliberate evasion of constitutional duty under Article 200, making the phrase “as soon as possible” meaningless. They urged the Supreme Court to declare that the seven bills should revert to the Governor for proper disposal in accordance with constitutional and legal norms, citing the grounds of constitutional morality for their recall.

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