Kerala Gets Wider Roads: Safe Driving Tips

After a 45-year wait, the Thalassery-Mahi six-lane bypass is finally being inaugurated, marking a significant milestone. Similarly, the Thrissur-Vadakancheri road has undergone expansion to six lanes, and there are plans for the National Highway from Kasaragod to Thiruvananthapuram to follow suit.

Here are some guidelines for drivers navigating multi-lane roads:

  1. Avoid driving with excessive enthusiasm upon encountering a wider road.
  2. Maintain safe speeds, even during periods of lower traffic density.
  3. Reserve the leftmost lane of three lanes for slower-moving vehicles such as two-wheelers, three-wheelers (where permitted), goods vehicles, and school vehicles.
  4. Utilize the second lane for faster-moving vehicles.
  5. The third lane is designated for overtaking vehicles when necessary, and emergency vehicles can use it without hindrance.
  6. When passing a vehicle in any lane, signal appropriately, check mirrors, move to the adjacent lane on the right, and return to your original lane.
  7. If a vehicle on the right slows down unexpectedly while overtaking, it may be overtaken on the left cautiously, ensuring safety.
  8. When merging onto the main road from a service road, signal, check mirrors, and accelerate smoothly through the merging lane to enter the main road.
  9. When transitioning from the main road to a service road, check mirrors, signal, check blind spots, decelerate, and merge into the left lane to enter the service road safely.
  10. Avoid sudden overtaking maneuvers without maintaining a consistent distance in your current lane.
  11. Non-compliance with lane traffic regulations may result in strict legal consequences under Motor Vehicle Act 177 A.

Adhering to these guidelines fosters safer and more efficient travel on multi-lane roads.

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