Kayamkulam Kayal

Kayamkulam Kayal, also known as Kayamkulam Lake, is a large and picturesque backwater lagoon located in Kerala, India. It is situated in the Alappuzha district of Kerala and is one of the most prominent backwater destinations in the state. The lake is surrounded by the towns of Kayamkulam, Karthikapally, and Muthukulam.

Kayamkulam Kayal is connected to the Arabian Sea through the Kayamkulam Barrage, which regulates the water flow and prevents saltwater intrusion into the backwaters. The lake’s tranquil and scenic surroundings, lined with coconut palms, lush greenery, and traditional Kerala villages, make it a popular destination for tourists seeking a serene and nature-filled experience.

One of the unique attractions of Kayamkulam Kayal is the houseboat cruises offered on its waters. These houseboats, locally known as “kettuvallams,” are traditional wooden boats converted into luxurious accommodations with all modern amenities. Cruising through the backwaters on a houseboat is a fantastic way to experience the beauty of the region and to witness the daily life of the local people living along the banks.

Apart from houseboat cruises, the lake also offers opportunities for boating, fishing, and birdwatching. The backwaters are home to a variety of bird species, and birdwatchers can spot migratory birds as well as local avifauna.

Kayamkulam Kayal is a paradise for nature lovers and photographers, as the landscape provides plenty of opportunities to capture breathtaking sunrises and sunsets over the tranquil waters. The unique ecosystem of the backwaters, with its rich biodiversity, makes it an ecologically important area in Kerala.

Visiting Kayamkulam Kayal allows travelers to experience the enchanting beauty of Kerala’s backwaters, soak in the peaceful ambiance, and get a glimpse of the traditional lifestyle of the people living in the coastal regions of the state.

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