Kanthanpara Waterfall

Kanthanpara Waterfall is a scenic waterfall located in the Wayanad district of Kerala, India. It is a popular natural attraction that draws visitors with its serene beauty and tranquil surroundings.

Key features of Kanthanpara Waterfall:

Natural Beauty: Kanthanpara Waterfall is known for its picturesque beauty, with water cascading down from a rocky hill amidst lush greenery. The serene ambiance and the sound of cascading water create a peaceful atmosphere.

Trekking: Visitors often enjoy a short trek to reach Kanthanpara Waterfall. The trekking trail meanders through the forested area, providing opportunities to enjoy the natural landscape and spot local flora and fauna.

Picnic Spot: The area around the waterfall is suitable for picnics and outdoor relaxation. Many visitors choose to spend time here, enjoying the refreshing atmosphere and the sound of water.

Photography: The scenic beauty of Kanthanpara Waterfall makes it a popular spot for photography enthusiasts. The lush surroundings and the cascading water offer various angles for capturing stunning shots.

Accessibility: The waterfall is relatively easy to access compared to some other destinations in the region, making it suitable for a wider range of visitors.

Visiting Kanthanpara Waterfall is a great way to experience the natural beauty of Wayanad and enjoy a peaceful retreat in the lap of nature. As always, it’s advisable to check with local sources or travel information centers for the latest details on visiting Kanthanpara Waterfall.

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