Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica Fort Kochi

Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica Fort Kochi

Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica, Fort Cochin, Is One Of The Oldest Churches In India, Built In The Year 1505, By The Portuguese.

The Present Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica Is The Second Church, Began Construction In The Year 1887 And Completed In The Year 1905, And This Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica Was Blessed And Consecrated On 19.11.1905.

Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica is a popular church in Fort Kochi, Kochi made by the Portuguese. This finest cathedral is also serves as the cathedral church of the Diocese of Cochin. It is a heritage site and a proud of Kochi. Located near the famous St. Francis Church, Santa Cruz Basilica is not just a holy place but also holds historical significance. Each visitor shall appreciate its colors of medieval style and artistic grandeur. Add this marvelous tourist spot in your itinerary during your trip to Kochi. Log on to get more details about this church and to make your trip to this port city hassle-free.

History Of Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica
The first Portuguese Viceroy Francesco de Almeida constructed the Santa Cruz Basilica in Kochi. This church founded and established after he came to Kochi in 1505. Later in 1663, Dutch captured the port city of Kochi. They ruined almost every Catholic establishment in the destination except the Santa Cruz Basilica and St. Francis Church. British took over the city in the year 1795 and they destroyed it except a monumental pillar of the church. The church keeps this pillar still on the southeastern corner of it. Santa Cruz Cathedral rebuilt in 1887 when during the reign of Bishop Dom Gomes Ferreira as the hierarch of Cochin. Pope John Paul II stated as Basilica on 23rd August, 1984.

Architecture Of Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica
The most attractive feature of Santa Cruz Basilica is its stunning architecture. With two lofty spires, this marvelous cathedral welcomes people even from a distance. Both the white-washed exterior and vivid interior that looks beautiful in pastel color make this church eye-catching. Each visitor shall admire the antique architecture of the medieval period interiors of Santa Cruz Basilica. People also admire its charming altar and unique arches.

Another attraction of Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica is the seven large canvases of paintings. It is the reproduction of the ‘Last Supper’ by the renowned artist Leonardo da Vinci. This elegant painting is certainly a treat for your eyes. The ceilings of the cathedral also make attractive with striking paintings. Most of them are the scenes from the Via Crucis of Christ. This cathedral has intricate wall carvings and very fascinating stained glass windows. Both of them add the splendor of Santa Cruz Basilica.

Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica, A Must Visit Tourist Spot
A lot of travelers visit Santa Cruz Basilica to enjoy its majesty and unique charm. It is open every day for visitors from 9 am to 1 pm and from 3 pm to 5 pm. As must-visit place in Kochi, just add this tourist spot in your travel itinerary. Log on to plan your holidays in Kochi and book your taxi to explore the port city.

Getting To Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica
The Basilica is situated at Fort Kochi in Ernakulam City of Kerala State in southern India. There are numerous bus services within Ernakulam City to Fort Kochi bus station from where visitors can either walk or take a taxi/ rickshaw to reach the Basilica. The nearest major railway station too is in Ernakulam which is well connected to rest of the districts of the state and country.

Nearest Railway : Ernakulum Station is approximately at a distance of 12KM.
Nearest Airport: The Cochin International Airport is located at distance of 48 KM.

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