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Detailed Information

Position Overview: We are seeking an enthusiastic and influential individual to join us as an Influencer for our study abroad consultancy. As an Influencer, you will play a key role in promoting our consultancy’s services, sharing valuable insights about study abroad experiences, and inspiring students to pursue international education opportunities.

Key Responsibilities:

Content Creation: Develop engaging and authentic content, including blog posts, videos, social media posts, and other formats, highlighting the benefits of studying abroad and the services we offer.

Engagement: Engage with your audience on social media platforms, responding to comments, messages, and inquiries related to studying abroad.

Educational Insights: Share valuable information about study destinations, universities, scholarships, application tips, and cultural experiences to educate and guide your followers.

Storytelling: Use your personal experiences and storytelling skills to illustrate the impact of studying abroad on personal and professional growth.

Partnerships: Collaborate with our consultancy to create joint content, webinars, or events that provide value to both your audience and our prospective students.

Events and Webinars: Participate in webinars, live sessions, and events to share your insights and answer questions from students.

Brand Alignment: Ensure that your content aligns with our consultancy’s values and goals, promoting our services in an authentic and responsible manner.

Qualifications and Skills:

Study Abroad Experience: Personal experience as an international student or having lived abroad for an extended period.

Strong Online Presence: A well-established and engaged presence on social media platforms, especially Instagram, YouTube, or a relevant blogging platform.

Communication Skills: Excellent communication skills with the ability to articulate your experiences and insights effectively.

Influence: A demonstrated ability to engage and influence your audience through authentic and relatable content.

Passion for Education: An interest in helping students achieve their study abroad dreams and a passion for promoting the benefits of international education.

Collaboration: Willingness to collaborate with our consultancy to create mutually beneficial content and campaigns.

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Hiring Organization
Western Lights Consultancy
Western Lights Consultancy, 505, Fifth Floor, Hilite Platino Business Park, Maradu, Ernakulam, Kerala

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