CM halts driving reforms, Transport Dept awaits orders

The Chief Minister will halt the implementation of driving reform measures as the Transport Department has yet to receive instructions.

The Transport Minister’s Office has stated that they have not officially received instructions from the Chief Minister’s Office regarding the implementation of driving reforms scheduled to commence on May 1st.

According to CITU, the Chief Minister has proposed to halt the driving reforms following discussions with CITU General Secretary Elamaram Karim. However, the Transport Minister’s Office reiterates that they have yet to receive official instructions from the Chief Minister’s Office regarding this matter.

CITU has also indicated that further actions will be decided after discussions with trade unions. President of the Kerala Driving School Workers Union, KK Divakaran, announced a change in plans for the strike scheduled on the 20th in front of the Secretariat.

Previously, there were statewide protests against the proposed driving test reforms. In response, Transport Minister KB Ganesh Kumar clarified that he had presented suggestions rather than mandates. Minister Ganesh Kumar had previously announced that the driving reforms would be implemented starting May 1st.