CIAL Business Jet Terminal Takes Off: 1000 Flights In 14 Months

The Cochin International Airport’s (CIAL) business jet terminal has marked a significant milestone, completing one thousand flight services. Achieving this feat in just fourteen months since its inception, the CIAL Business Jet Terminal has emerged as a pivotal hub for business jet operations. In 2024 alone, the terminal efficiently handled 120 services within a span of two months. S. Suhas, the managing director of CIAL, anticipates that the terminal’s services will surpass 1200 by the year’s end.

Spanning an impressive 40,000 square feet, the business jet terminal located at Cochin Airport’s second terminal stands as the epitome of modernity and luxury in the nation. Branded with the slogan ‘Fly with pride,’ the terminal swiftly garnered national acclaim. Its hallmark feature, offering ‘aircraft door to car door in 2 minutes,’ has become synonymous with efficiency and convenience. This unique provision enables passengers arriving via charter flights to seamlessly transition from the aircraft to their awaiting vehicles within minutes. Additionally, the terminal boasts separate customs and immigration counters, along with a boutique duty-free shop tailored to cater to international travelers.

The terminal witnessed a surge in activity during the G20 meeting hosted in Lakshadweep in April 2023, as around a dozen charter flights transporting delegates from diverse nations landed at the CIAL Business Jet Terminal. Notably, in September 2023, a chartered Boeing 737 aircraft touched down, ferrying 58 passengers from various countries, further solidifying the terminal’s status as a premier destination for discerning travelers.