Chinnakada Clock Tower

The Chinnakada Clock Tower is a prominent landmark located in Kollam (formerly known as Quilon), a city in the Indian state of Kerala. Kollam is known for its historical significance, commercial activities, and cultural heritage. The Chinnakada Clock Tower is a well-known structure in the heart of the city and holds cultural and historical significance.

The tower is situated at Chinnakada, which is a major junction in Kollam, serving as a hub for various roads and streets. The clock tower is not only a timekeeping device but also a symbol of the city’s history and development. It stands as a reminder of the past while being a part of the modern urban landscape.

The Chinnakada Clock Tower is often illuminated during special occasions and festivals, adding to its aesthetic appeal. It’s a popular gathering point for locals and tourists alike and serves as a navigational reference within the city.

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