ChargeMOD: Powering the Future of Electric Vehicles in India


ChargeMOD: Revolutionizing Electric Vehicle Infrastructure in India

In the vibrant city of Kozhikode, Kerala, a spark ignited a movement. Back in 2018, four recent graduates from the Government Engineering College – M. Ramanunni, V. Anoop, Advaith C, and Chris Thomas – brimmed with transformative ideas. Their goal? To combat air pollution and usher in a cleaner era.

Driven by their passion for innovation and a shared conviction in electric vehicles (EVs), they embarked on a journey to reshape India’s EV landscape. Thus, ChargeMOD was born.

But this wasn’t merely a business venture; it was a mission. A mission to overcome the obstacles to EV ownership, starting with the most formidable challenge: the absence of a dependable and accessible charging infrastructure.

Stay tuned to discover how ChargeMOD tackled this challenge and emerged as a pioneer in India’s EV charging revolution!

ChargeMOD stands as a premier provider of EV charging solutions in India, dedicated to making EV ownership convenient and environmentally friendly for all. Their mantra is to “electrify the world, one charge at a time.”

Here’s what ChargeMOD brings to the table:

  • Extensive Charging Network: With the largest and fastest charging network strategically placed along highways, ChargeMOD ensures effortless access for road travelers.
  • Mobile Application: Their user-friendly app enables EV drivers to locate nearby ChargeMOD charging stations, simplifying charging on the move.
  • Commitment to Innovation: ChargeMOD continually strives to develop innovative solutions to enrich the EV driving experience.
  • Partnership Opportunities: They collaborate with property owners to install charging stations, fostering a mutually beneficial network.

Advantages of ChargeMOD for EV Drivers:

  • Convenience: A widespread network and intuitive app make locating and utilizing charging stations a breeze.
  • Rapid Charging: High-capacity stations minimize downtime during journeys, ensuring swift charging.
  • Environmental Responsibility: ChargeMOD is committed to utilizing 100% green energy, reducing carbon footprints.

In summary, ChargeMOD plays a pivotal role in driving EV adoption in India by offering a dependable, user-friendly, and sustainable charging infrastructure.

If you’re contemplating the switch to an electric vehicle in India, keep a close watch on ChargeMOD. For more information, visit their website or download their app.