Chain Tree Wayanad

The Chain Tree in Wayanad, Kerala, is a popular tourist attraction with an interesting local legend associated with it. The Chain Tree is located near the town of Kalpetta and is a point of interest for visitors exploring the Wayanad region.

Legend of the Chain Tree:

The legend behind the Chain Tree revolves around a tribal chieftain named Karinthandan and a British colonial administrator named Colonel Arthur Wellesley. According to the local legend, Karinthandan played a key role in guiding a British expedition through the dense forests of Wayanad. However, after the successful journey, Karinthandan was killed by the British in an act of betrayal.

It is believed that Karinthandan’s spirit haunted the area, causing difficulties for travelers. To appease his spirit, a priest tied a chain around a large Ficus tree, which was said to represent Karinthandan’s soul. The tree is thus known as the Chain Tree.

The Chain Tree Today:

Today, the Chain Tree has become a tourist attraction, and the story of Karinthandan is narrated to visitors by local guides. The actual chain that was tied to the tree has weathered away over time, but the tree itself remains a symbol of the legend and the historical narrative associated with it.

Visitors often stop by the Chain Tree as part of their exploration of Wayanad, especially if they are interested in local folklore and history. It’s a brief but intriguing stop that adds an element of cultural significance to the natural beauty and attractions of the region.

As with any travel plans, it’s a good idea to check with local sources or travel information centers for the most up-to-date details on visiting the Chain Tree in Wayanad.

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