Dogs And Cats Rules

A recent survey reveals that more people are becoming pet parents and spending more on their dogs and cats than ever before. Animal guardianship and spending have been trending steadily upward for years, but they have taken a particularly big jump since the spring of 2020, thanks mostly to the COVID-19 pandemic. The American Pet … Read More

Natural Remedies For Ear Infections In Dogs

Conventional medications for ear infections in dogs can cause side effects and lead to resistant pathogens. These natural remedies offer an effective, non-toxic alternative. Ear infections are very common in dogs. In fact, your own canine companion has probably had at least one ear infection at some point. Getting a proper diagnosis as to the … Read More

How To Be A More Confident Dog Owner ?

Confident owners create confident dogs, says trainer and behaviorist Jackie Drakeford. Confident handlers make their dogs feel safe. Dogs live in a human world, which is often difficult for them to understand, so if you make it clear what you want from them, then reward them when they do it, you take a lot of … Read More

Tips For Traveling With A Cat

Taking your cat on a short trip to the vet or on an extended family vacation? Cats can become stressed when traveling, as the new sights, sounds and smells can be frightening. An outgoing cat who loves adventures and meeting people is an ideal candidate for extended travel like a vacation. However, if car rides … Read More

How Can I Make My Kitten Less Skittish?

Ways To Help Skittish Kitties You’ve brought your new cat home, and she promptly hides under the bed or behind the dresser, only venturing out to eat or use the litter box once everyone has gone to bed. The problem is, if you leave that shy cat to her own devices, she’ll probably stay that … Read More