The 411 On Skin Care – Get Your Skin Glow On Summer

Summer brings to mind the outdoors. Family barbecues, beach days, hiking trips, afternoons by the lake, and so much more. Since we’ll be enjoying all these fun activities under the summer sun, it’s important that we take good care of our skin. This season is one of high exposure to the outdoor elements, which can … Read More

Foods And Sleep

Avoid certain foods for a couple of hours before you go to bed if you want a good night’s sleep. AVOID Carbs (pasta, rice, bread): It’s widely believed that carbs help you sleep, but the opposite may be true, Dale says. ‘Carbohydrates might bring you down a little bit, but if your meal is high … Read More


Blood Clots have been in the news because of a possible link to Covid 19 vaccine. So we asked some medical experts to share their advice on prevention and treatment. Here’s what you need to know. Every 37 seconds, someone in the world dies from a venous thromboembolism (VTE), where a blood clot forms, most … Read More

An Avocado A Day Keeps Your Gut Healthy

Eating Avocados Supports A Healthy Gut Eating an avocado every day is one of the best ways of keeping your gut healthy and that has a big impact on your immune system and overall health and wellbeing. Eating the fruit at least once a day ensures there is a good diversity of bacteria in your … Read More

Bad Breath – Prevent And Treat This Stinky Issue

90% of bad breath originates in the mouth because of factors such as poor oral hygiene and gum disease. Bad breath is natural, but that doesn’t make it any less noxious. When bacteria break down food particles left on the surfaces of or between teeth, smelly compounds, such as sulfur, form that’s what leads to … Read More