Bramayugam: An Eerie Tale of Power Struggles

Unleashed on February 15th, 2024, Bramayugam, directed by Rahul Sadasivan, has left audiences in awe, prompting profound discussions. Let’s delve into the critical acclaim surrounding this spine-chilling cinematic venture: A Genre Fusion Marvel: Bramayugam earns accolades for its seamless fusion of genres. The film intricately blends elements of horror, social commentary, and dark fantasy, constructing … Read More

Google Gemma

Google Gemma: Empowering the Community with Lightweight AI

Introducing Google Gemma, a suite of compact, cutting-edge open models crafted for developers and researchers seeking seamless integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into their projects. Unveiled in 2023, Gemma aims to democratize AI by delivering models that are cost-effective, user-friendly, and highly adaptable. Key Highlights of Google Gemma: 1. Lightweight Design: Gemma models are notably … Read More

Aavesham Malayalam film


Aavesham: Fahadh Faasil Stars in an Upcoming Malayalam Action-Comedy Scheduled for release on April 11, 2024, Aavesham has become a much-anticipated Malayalam film, creating a buzz among eager audiences. Here’s an overview of what we know about the film: Cast and Crew: Plot: While specific details are kept under wraps, reports suggest Aavesham is an … Read More

Kerala’s Driving License Tests Undergo a Transformation Starting May 1st, 2024

Attention, aspiring drivers in Kerala! The Motor Vehicles Department (MVD) is set to overhaul its driving license tests, commencing on May 1st, 2024. This comprehensive redesign aims to elevate road safety standards and equip new drivers with essential skills to navigate various terrains and handle challenging situations confidently. What’s in Store for the Makeover? Bid … Read More


Gifterman: Bringing Personalized Art to Life

Gifterman: Transforming Your Moments into Art Gifterman specializes in crafting personalized art gifts that add a touch of uniqueness to every occasion. Elevating the concept of gifting, they turn ordinary photos into extraordinary keepsakes, offering a diverse range of artistic creations that go beyond conventional gift options. What Makes Gifterman Stand Out: Featured Products: Beyond … Read More

Android 15 Developer Preview 1

Android 15 Developer Preview 1

Explore the Future of Mobile with Android 15 Developer Preview 1 Embark on a journey into the early stages of the upcoming Android iteration as Google unveils the Android 15 Developer Preview 1. This sneak peek offers a tantalizing glimpse into the innovative features and functionalities awaiting users later this year. Although primarily targeted at … Read More


Toyota Revolutionizes Car Delivery with Flatbed Truck System

Toyota is redefining the customer experience through its groundbreaking Flatbed Truck Delivery System, an industry-first initiative that guarantees the delivery of brand-new vehicles to dealerships and customers in impeccable condition with zero odometer miles. Let’s delve into the notable features and advantages of this innovative program: Secure Transportation: Minimized Wear and Tear: Streamlined Convenience: Peace … Read More

Thundu Malayalam Movie

Thundu: A Delightful Comedy Infused with Drama Graces the Big Screen

On February 16th, 2024, the Malayalam film “Thundu” (“The Beat”) made its cinematic debut across India, delivering a captivating mix of humor, drama, and social insight. Under the direction of Riyas Shereef and featuring the talented duo Biju Menon and Shine Tom Chacko, the movie unfolds the story of Sivan (Menon), a constable aspiring for … Read More


Bramayugam: Exploring the Dark Ages of Kerala with a Bone-Chilling Twist

Bramayugam: A Chilling Dive into the Dark Ages of Kerala Released on February 15, 2024, “Bramayugam” has stirred both awe and debate, weaving together elements of horror, thriller, and history. Directed by Rahul Sadasivan and featuring the iconic Mammootty, the film has ignited conversations with its unique narrative. Plot and Locale: The storyline transports audiences … Read More