Carpenter – Museum & Zoo – Statewide Short List

PL.No. :29/2022/DOT
DATED: 24/08/2022
Cat. No. :505/2019
DATE OF UPLOAD: 26.08.2022

The following is the Probability List containing the Register Numbers of candidates who are found provisionally eligible to be included in the Ranked list, subject to the verification of the Original documents, for selection to the post of CARPENTER – STATEWIDE (Category No. 505/2019 ) in MUSEUM&ZOO on 18,000-41,500/- on the basis of the OMR TEST held on 08-01-2022.

The Register Numbers are arranged in their numerical sequence and the arrangement does not in any way, indicate their respective rank on the basis of the said test. The candidates whose numbers are included in Probability List are directed to be present for verification of original documents as per schedule published in due course.

Main List
200498 200549 200907 201023 201110 201206 201353 201506 201759 201819

Supplementary List

200397 201538 201641 201651 201667

Scheduled Caste
200303 200648 200657 201217 201490

Scheduled Tribe

200360 200962 201106 201453 201630

Latin Catholics/A.I
200726 200871 200935 201100 201151

200779 201239 201418 201617 201796

200356 200426 200770 201247 201820

SIUC Nadar
200280 200294 200505 200535 200603

Scheduled Caste Converts to Christianity
200609 201008 201013 201034 201852

200950 201044

Hindu Nadar
200274 200403 200533 200628 200630

Economically Weaker Section

List of Differently Abled Candidates for 3% Reservation

Low Vision
Not Eligible

Hearing Impairment

Locomotor Disability / Cerebral Palsy
200255 DA-LD/CP 200640 DA-LD/CP

Note:- (1) Inclusion of Register Numbers in this list is purely provisional subject to scrutiny and admission of application on absolute basis. Inclusion of Register numbers in the Probability List does not confer any right on the candidate for inclusion in the Ranked List.

Note:- (2) The list has been prepared by including the number of candidates who have secured top marks in the OMR Test.
Note :- (3) The candidates who have secured 58.67 ( fifty eight (point) six seven ) marks and above are included in the Probability List .
Note:- (4) Candidates included in the Probability List should present and produce in person the original documents for One Time Verification. Date,time and Venue of OTR Verification will be published shortly.
Note:- (5) According to the existing procedure, revaluation of answer scripts is not allowed but answer scripts can be rechecked after the publication of Ranked List. Detailed instructions will be published in the Ranked List to be published for the post.
Note :- (6) Candidates included in the Probability List are required to produce Community Certificate in FORM NO III or Online Community Certficate with digital signature and Other Backward communities are required to produce NCLC issued by the Revenue authority at the time of OTR Verification.
Note :- (7) Copy of answer scripts of the OMR Test held on 08-01-2022 will be issued to those candidates who, apply for the same remitting the prescribed fee after approval of the Ranked List. Candidates whose Register Numbers are invalidated are advised to refer to Notification No : ERVII(3)1579/2022/EW DATED 9/5/2022.

Office of the Kerala Public Service Commission District Office, THIRUVANANTHAPURAM