How Can I Make My Kitten Less Skittish?

Ways To Help Skittish Kitties You’ve brought your new cat home, and she promptly hides under the bed or behind the dresser, only venturing out to eat or use the litter box once everyone has gone to bed. The problem is, if you leave that shy cat to her own devices, she’ll probably stay that … Read More

Google Pixel Buds A-Series

Google may be most people’s search engine of choice, but it’s not the first name you think of when it comes to earbuds. However, these earbuds come with Google’s voice-activated assistant – imaginatively called Assistant – letting you perform voice commands such as playing music, making a call and setting alarms. It effectively places a … Read More


Accommodation is required on rent / lease for opening an Army CSD Canteen at Ernakulam. The building should be located within the city limit have more than 9000 sq ft of carpet area, should have adequate parking facility. Quotation duly quoting the rent per Sq Ft along with full details and photographs of the building … Read More


The future of television is here. TV manufacturers have tweaked traditional light-emitting diode (LED) TVs to add an organic (carbon-based) layer that produces coloured light. The key to the technology is its carbon-based organic compound layer -traditional LED screens use several layers to make light and colour, but the new OLED screens use only one. … Read More

Evolve GTR Carbon Electric Longboard

The Evolve GTR Carbon Electric Longboard is up there as one of the coolest things we’ve ever played with. If you’ve ever been on a longboard (or any skateboard for that matter) you’ll know the worst part of the hobby is going uphill. The Evolve solves that with dual 1 500watt electric motors that will … Read More

RØDE Wireless GO II

RODE has just given content creators something of a spring treat by introducing a new product into its popular Wireless Go system. The new Wireless Go II includes two transmitter units, enabling videographers to record two separate sound sources to one camera. The value-for-money system costs less than £300 but provides users with broadcast-quality audio … Read More

Ten Quick SEO For Wedding Photographers To Win

If you’re a wedding photographer just getting back to business then it’s a good time to be considering the best ways to get your name out there and close to the top of the rankings. We are all well aware of SEO and how important it is for photographers in all genres. Fundamentally it’s the … Read More

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Sony Xperia 1 III

With an elongated 21:9 aspect ratio-virtually the same as the format in which most movies are filmed – the display’s 10-bit colour range mirrors Sony’s pro monitors. It’s no secret that Sony supplies many of its rivals with camera hard ware… but it’s saved the Xperia 1 III’s variable telephoto lens for itself. Paired with … Read More

Turning Your Home Into A SMART HOME

Over the past year, more and more smart products have appeared in the market. The influx of new products has made it easier and cheaper to turn your home into a smart home. Here are some of the items you might want to start converting your house into the house of tomorrow, today! Smart Lights … Read More

Best Road Bikes Of 2021

3T STRADAFRAMESET: $1,999$5,999 AS SHOWN WITH CAMPAGNOLO EKARSpeed or comfort? How about both? Sure, most road bikes these days are built for at least 28mm tires, but not all those bikes are optimized to be fastest with them. The Strada features a curved seat tube shaped specifically to direct airflow around 28mm to 30mm rubber, … Read More