Bestsellers Cochin

Bestsellers Cochin

BCPL stands as the premier kitchen appliance dealer in Kerala, boasting an extensive network of over 500 dealers and 30 franchises/own showrooms throughout the state. Since their establishment in the year 2000, they have consistently delighted their distributors and enhanced the aesthetics of countless kitchens. Pioneering the concept of modular kitchens in India, Bestsellers Cochin Pvt Ltd(BCPL) has successfully introduced multiple showroom outlets across the country.

Two decades ago, as India’s kitchen industry began embracing global technologies and brands, BCPL made its entry into the field as one of the pioneering Faber dealers in the nation. Initially, the company specialized in kitchen appliances such as hobs and chimneys but later diversified its offerings to cater to the needs of kitchen architects, encompassing hardware, sinks, accessories, and built-in appliances. BCPL’s visionary perspective enabled it to recognize the significant potential for kitchen essentials in Kerala, leading it to become one of the largest retailers of branded kitchen appliances and accessories in the state.

In its expansion journey, BCPL established a robust network of dealers throughout the state, while also partnering with leading brands to launch multiple retail outlets. Their venture into multi-brand retailing marked a significant milestone, with the introduction of “For Home,” their first chain of multi-brand home and kitchen accessory outlets in 2008. Presently, boasting 15 directly managed stores and numerous franchisees across the state, “For Home” stands as one of Kerala’s premier multi-brand outlets, offering a wide array of top-tier brands from around the world. Their offerings span home hardware, bath ware, interior accessories, and contemporary modular kitchens, serving as a trusted trade partner for major brands and a reliable source for consumers and construction professionals.

BCPL continued to exhibit foresight and adaptability by introducing Stanley to Kerala, unveiling the Stanley Boutique, a sprawling 10,000 sq. ft. store located in Kochi. Expanding its presence in the premium home furnishing segment, the company launched “FOR HOME BOUTIQUE” in 2014, an elite space styling destination spanning 16,000 sq. ft. This boutique brought renowned global brands like Nolte, Stanley, Franke, and Sealy to the city, revolutionizing the way homes were adorned throughout the state.

BCPL’s ability to stay ahead of the curve and adapt to changing trends has consistently positioned it as a trailblazer in all of its endeavors. It comes as no surprise that both BCPL and “For Home” have grown to become some of the country’s most esteemed and extensive dealers for a wide range of national and international brands.

Bestsellers Cochin Pvt Ltd (BCPL) – 6th Floor, Abad Nucleus Mall, Maradu, Kochi
Phone : 0484 4052222, +91 9061057333
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